Third-party support

How we support Oracle and SAP software

Support Revolution provides independent third-party support for your Oracle systems. We provide our own in-house legislative and regulatory patches, effectively replacing your vendor in the support relationship. On average, we saved our customers 64% last year on their Oracle/SAP Support.

Every Support Revolution customer receives a dedicated account manager, a level of customer service not offered by Oracle. Your account manager is always aware of the state of your systems, reducing any time needed to fix issues, and enabling us to offer a best-in-class SLA - not only for response, but for resolution too.

But why leave Oracle or SAP Support?


Move if you want to make cost savings

- You can save at least 50% on your current Oracle support costs with us
- We'll work with you to identify and decommission any shelfware for additional savings
- You will then save even more by avoiding unnecessary upgrades and patches

Move if you want to receive superior support

- You'll get 24/7 support, with a dedicated account manager and regular reporting
- We have response and resolution SLAs for all categories of ticket (unlike Oracle)
- And in the rare case where we miss an SLA, we'll refund you with service credits

Move if you want to take back control of your IT strategy

- Choose if and when you upgrade as we support all versions and customisations
- Apply patches in hours (not months) and with no downtime through virtual patching
- Take advantage of our 22+ years experience in Oracle/SAP consultancy

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