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Gartner guide announcement

Gartner advises investigating third-party support

In October 2019, global research and advisory firm Gartner published a market guide regarding third-party support and maintenance services for IBM, Oracle, and SAP software. IBM, Oracle, and SAP’s software support costs are rising, and they’re increasing the pressure for customers to migrate to Cloud. Sourcing, procurement, and vendor management leaders are becoming more inclined to consider independent third-party maintenance.

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wannacry ransomware oracle sap security patching

WannaCry highlights Oracle and SAP security patching failings

The recent ransomware attack named ‘WannaCry’ affected many organisations in the public and private sectors across all continents. It targeted IT systems by encrypting data, then demanded ransom payments in Bitcoin which can’t be traced. The attacks were thought to have infected over 230,000 systems in over 150 countries. The UK’s NHS was widely affected with reports of 70,000 devices

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SAP's ability to resell Oracle licences has expired

SAP’s ability to resell Oracle licences due to expire

Back in December 2014, SAP and Oracle extended their agreement for a further three years. The agreement was to allow SAP to resell Oracle licences to its customers. However, what they also did as part of this deal was to increase the cost of these licences. They went up from 15% of SAV (SAP Application Value) to 19%. SAP responded

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