About Us

Support Revolution provides Oracle and SAP customers with best-in-class software support and maintenance, regardless of the software versions they run, ensuring every customer saves a minimum of 50% on support costs. But we are far more than that – our brand stands for a new era in smarter enterprise third-party support and maintenance.

Support Revolution is the leading provider of independent third-party software support and maintenance for Oracle and SAP systems. Headquartered in the UK, we bring an unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience to every customer. Support teams are on hand 24/7 to provide a bespoke and technically excellent service, going far above and beyond what you’d expect from a support partner.

Our parent company was until recently, an SAP partner and an Oracle partner for over 20 years.  In early 2019, we terminated these partnerships so that we could offer the best service possible to our customers without any restrictions from the manufacturers.  We are the only third-party support partner with this breadth and depth of knowledge.

The Support Revolution part of the group was founded in 2012 to offer independent third-party support to both Oracle and SAP users that would be both superior, and more cost effective to the customer than the support they were previously receiving. Many organisations are eager to find faster, smarter and cheaper ways to maintain their Oracle and SAP software.

Oracle and SAP typically charge customers 15%-22% of their original licence fees each year for support and maintenance; which many organisations consider too high for the level of support they receive. Support Revolution understands the importance of offering a high-quality service for a reasonable cost. Therefore, we offer the same level of support, if not better, and typically save customers between 50% and 90% of what they were paying.

We have built focused teams of technical experts to provide excellent Oracle and SAP software support and maintenance services to customers across the globe. Working with our expert teams allows each customer to get to know their support managers and work in partnership to receive a truly bespoke service.

Support Revolution is disrupting the market not only through saving our customers millions, but also by giving back control to our customers. By joining the Support Revolution, organisations aren’t forced to upgrade to the newest version of business software when the manufacturers dictate, and risk losing support or paying even higher premiums if they choose not to. Unnecessary upgrades can cost companies large sums of money, take months or even years to implement and cause considerable business disruption.

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